A trade war between Europe and China?

Starokozache Solar Park by Active SolarThere has been a massive growth of renewables in Europe in the past years. Together with the political impact of the nuclear accident in Fukushima in 2012 and the aims of the member states within the European Union to reduce CO2 emissions until 2020 renewable energies boomed.

Especcially wind energy and solar energy are the biggest renewable energy suppliers in Germany. Along with this boom the solar industrie in germany grew and became a major player in the international solar market. Due to cuts of the subsidies in Germany (and with the euro crisis also in Spain and other countries) and several other reasons the solar industrie struggled. The most known company struggling is Solar World. They raised a complaint to the European Union together with other companies targeting chinese solar module producers and suppliers to implement anti-subsidies taxes on chinese solar modules and parts. The chinese government itself answered with trade investigation on several european export products.

The paper was written during a university course focussing on writing academic papers. It is appoved and cites its sources in the APA style. If you are interested in the full research mindmap you can contact me in the comment section below.

Report – The European Union´s Anti-Dumping Investigations of Chinese Photovoltaic Producers – Nicolai Beerheide

However the paper is not claiming full correctness. It is just a report on the recent trade investigations launched by the European Union. Allthough those trade investigations were already finished when this paper is published here it is likely possible that the story of Solar Worlds aiming to harm chines solar imports has not yet come to an end.

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Special regards go to all the people who helped me writing the paper in special Marcus who checked language and spelling mistakes with his knowledge of his mother tonque. Thank you!

Picture: Starokozache Solar Park by Active Solar